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Dear Colleagues:

IMPORTANT: Please note that this page will be updated constantly.

It is our pleasure to share with you pertinent information about the 2016-17 AATI National Italian Exam.

There will be five examinations: Level I, Level II, Level III, Level IV, and Level V. Each exam consists of 60 questions, all multiple choice. Listening comprehension, reading, grammar (clozes), and culture are tested. The duration of the exam is 70 minutes (10 minutes for the preliminary survey questions and 60 minutes for the exam queations). For detailed exam specifications click here. To see the the Development Committee Members and Reviewers, please click here.

Awards for Students and Teachers

AATI is pleased to announce that the following language schools will be participating in a new scholarship program for the AATI National Italian Exam. They have offered a total 9 scholarships. Each scholarship consists of a 2-week course in one of the above schools. Accommodations and tuition expenses are included. The flight will be at the recipient’s expense; however, AATI will we contribute a cash award of $500. Please note that some schools will offer discounts to students and teachers/parents who have participated to the NIE. Seven scholarships will go to the top students in each level; the other two scholarships will go to teachers of those top students. A draw might be necessary. The recipients will be notified via email.

The language schools participating in this scholarship program are:

  • Babilonia - Centro Studi Italiani, Taormina (Director: Alessandro Adorno)
  • Sant'Anna Institute - Sorrento Lingua, Sorrento (Director: Cristiana Panicco)
  • Accademia Italiana, Salerno (Director: Francesca Romana Memoli)
  • A Door to Italy, Genova (Director Lara Avvenente)

  • Students will receive the following awards from the AATI Exam Committee: First Place ($250), Second ($200), Third ($150), Fourth ($100), and Fifth ($50) for each level category A, B and C (excluding category C for levels I and II). In addition, twenty-four (24) students who achieve National Honorable Mention will receive an award of $50. The recipients of these awards will be selected by Prof. Lucrezia Lindia, President of the Società Onoraria Italica and her committee. All awards will be forwarded to the students by Prof. Lucrezia Lindia.

    Certificates and their Cost:

    The AATI will release the following certificates:
    a) Winner Certificates: cost already included in the exam fee.
    b) Mention Certificates: cost already included in the exam fee.
    c) Participation Certificates: $1 per certificate; teachers will need to order them.

    As Italian instructors, we encourage you to invite your students to participate in the AATI Nation Italian High School Examinations. This examination serves many purposes:

    Please note that in order for your students to participate in this examination, you must be a member of the National AATI in good standing during the year in which the exam is taken. To become a members of the AATI, please visit the AATI website.

    If you are interested in participating in the AATI National Italian Exam, please visit: http://quia.com/nieorder

    To pay your order for the AATI National Italian Exam, please visit: https://bancheri.utm.utoronto.ca/aati_membership/NIE_payment.html.


    1) November 15: registration opens.

    2) November 15 - February 6: regular registration period. NOTE: Shortly after the registration, teachers will receive instructions on how to administer the exam.

    3) February 7 - February 14: registration is closed.

    4) February 15 - February 26: late registration period. NOTE: the late registration fee is $30 per order.

    5) February 27: registration closed.

    6) March 1 - March 31: exam is open.

    7) March 31: payments must reach AATI by this date. If payments are not received by this date, students will be automatically disqualified.

    8) end of April: results will be mailed.

    As Italian instructors, we are enthusiastic about the future of our language and culture programs and, of course, elated by the return of the AP Italian Language and Culture Course/Exam. Let's continue to be dedicated, creative, and committed to our students and to our profession.

    If you have any questions or require further information, please send an e-mail to Salvatore Bancheri at aati@utoronto.ca.