Online Working Papers

To provide participants to AATI and AATI-ACTFL conferences with an opportunity for publication and a forum to discuss their scholarship beyond the confines of our conferences themselves, the AATI Executive Committee, has decided to establish an online working papers refereed series. The aim of the series is to solicit manuscripts that, although still as works in progress (as article draft or book idea, etc.), represent solid contributions to scholarship in the field of pedagogy and literature. By virtue of their early dissemination, authors can include specific requests to the membership for feedback before the articles themselves are refined, expanded and turned into complete articles, book chapters, etc.

The working papers series will be independent from Italica, with its own editors and editorial board. Only unpublished papers presented at an AATI conference will be considered. After extensive consultation, the AATI EC has chosen three editors for this initiative: two in pedagogy and one in literature. The editors are:

Andrea Dini, Montclair State University
Daria Mizza, Johns Hopkins University
Ilaria Serra, Florida Atlantic University

For the list of the members of the Editorial Board, please click here.

Submission Guidelines

Only papers accepted and presented at the AATI conferences need to be submitted.

Authors should follow these guidelines in preparing articles for submission:

Italian Language Pedagogy

If your contribution is on the Pedagogy of Language, please submit your contribution to Daria Mizza at

If your contribution is on the Pedagogy of Culture, please submit your contribution to Andrea Dini at

The areas of Italian pedagogy include, but are not limited to, the following topics:

Italian Literature and Arts, Cultural Studies

Please submit your contribution to Ilaria Serra at

Contributions on literature from any period or author are welcome, as are essays more directly pertaining to cultural studies and to pedagogy. They include, but are not limited to, the following topics:


The following criteria are used to evaluate a submission's suitability for publication:

Overall reccommendation
Accept / Minor Revision / Major Revision / Reject
Scholarly merit (1 represents low scholarly merit and 5 is excellent)
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
Is research method adequate?
Yes / No
Represents an advance in the field?
Significant advance / Major advance / Minor advance / No advance

The Editors, AATI Online Working Papers
Andrea Dini, Daria Mizza, and Ilaria Serra